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Downtown Topa Tower

Hawaii Renters Need More Options

With the ever-changing landscape of the Honolulu apartment scene, you would think that it would be easy to find an apartment somewhere in your price range. Unfortunately, new housing developments that offer affordable apartments are harder and harder to find in Honolulu as well as all over the islands. One such apartment complex is being built at the corner of Ward Avenue and Halekauwila Street, where they hoped to offer 125 units at reasonable prices for renters. Now the Hawaii Community Development Authority is thinking of extending their rule of requiring the rentable units to stay affordable for 15 years to 30 years. The Howard Hughes Corporation, who is behind this new development, has said that if they are required to keep these units “affordable” for 30 years they may not be able to include these apartments made for those with lower-income. Another major problem is there isn’t enough housing, affordable or otherwise, to keep up with the changing demographic of renters on the islands. The Hawaii Housing Planning Study and Eugene Tian, the state’s top research …