About Us

Welcome to our Colliers Hawaii Blog. This blog launches with a focus on two big topics on everyone’s minds these days:  the rail transit project (HART), which is tightly bound to Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and the Hawaii Hotel Investment market and its pivotal link to tourism, the primary driver of our economy. Colliers International Hawaii stands alone amongst the commercial real estate firms here in having dedicated professionals working in these two areas.

Our goal with this blog is to engage our readers in an active way, posting regularly with thoughts on current news related to the topics at hand as well as links to relevant news and stories. We are out in the community on a daily basis seeing, listening and learning from a variety of sources and we wanted to share that information in a less formal, more timely manner than a traditional website permits.

We invite you to follow along, join in the conversation, ask questions and share your thoughts as we go forward.


Colliers Hawaii has a long and prestigious history in the 50th State and you can learn more about Colliers Hawaii and its services by checking out our website.  We are also proud to be part of Colliers International which quite literally spans the world.

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