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Quarterly U.S. Update

New feature! Every quarter, Colliers U.S. will be releasing a round-up of their National Research Reports. We’ll post them here, but for quicker access, reach out to a Colliers Hawaii agent, as they have access immediately upon release.

Office Reports

  1. Law Firm Service Year-End Review and Outlook (collaboration with the Law Firm Services Group): Annual report on leasing by law firms in our top 20 office markets nationally.
  2. 2017 Healthcare Marketplace (collaboration with the Healthcare Services Group): Annual report on the state of the medical office buildings and related properties.
  3. Q4 2016 Top US Office Metros Snapshot (collaboration with the local researchers): Shorter, quicker-to-market report summarizing trends, conditions and outlook in the top 10 office metros, with key local market insights.
  4. Q4 2016 US Office Outlook (with interactive online dashboard, discussed below): Comprehensive year-end office sector report focused on outlook for 2017.

Industrial Reports, Blogs and Articles

  1. Q4 2016 US Industrial Outlook (with interactive online dashboard, discussed below): comprehensive year-end industrial sector report focused on outlook for 2017.
  2. North American Big Box Overview/Outlook (collaboration with the Logistics and Transportation Services Group): Highlights trends in the six largest big-box markets in North America.
  3. Interactive 10 Emerging Markets to Watch in 2017 (collaboration with Industrial service line and local offices): Interactive report with data and analysis for both landlords and occupiers on 10 growth markets in the U.S.
  4. A West Coaster Learns About Underground Warehouses:Blog focusing on underground warehousing in the emerging Kansas City industrial market.
  5. Is 2017 the Year of the Anticipated Coastal Import Shift: Blog focusing on port fundamentals and whether the Panama Canal Expansion will affect market share along the coasts of the U.S in 2017.
  6. U.S. Industrial was Unstoppable in 2016: Infographic previewing the 2016 year-end Report/Outlook.
  7. NAIOP Development Magazine Cover Story: Cover story of the Spring 2017 edition of NAIOP Development Magazine focusing on Urban Warehousing and highlighting Northern Stacks, a redeveloped urban warehousing park in Minneapolis, MN repped by Colliers.

Other Reports and Blogs

  1. U.S. Capital Flows Report and Outlook: Semi-annual report summarizing recent trends in the capital markets and outlook for the rest of the year.
  2. 2016 Multifamily Spotlight Report (collaboration with the Multifamily Services Group): Highlights trends, conditions, and outlook in the multifamily sector.
  3. State of the U.S. Market and 2017 Outlook Report: Outlook for the economy and the four major property types based on post-election impact analysis and “house views” developed with the Market Intelligence Panels.
  4. Appetizer or Entrée? How Food Continues to Fuel Retail (collaboration with the Retail service line): Analysis of how new restaurant and food concepts are exploding and opportunities are being created for retail centers.
  5. Market Insights February 16, 2017: Starting the Year on a (Relative) High Note: Blog summarizing economic conditions at the start of the new administration, and likely impacts on the property markets.

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