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Coworking Spaces: A Growing Trend On The Islands

Our team is very interested in the co-working space trend that is popping up all over the islands. MyGoCenter has just opened a space in Kapolei and they are looking forward to many more locations on Oahu. Their second location is supposed to open before the end of the year. In his article, Dwayne Shimogawa writes, “The co-working space includes meeting rooms, WiFi access, a receptionist and mailboxes, among other services, and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ‘We’re finding that more and more workers today are becoming mobile, which means they’re looking for flexibility in their workspace options,’ David Do, general manager of MyGoCenter, said in a statement. ‘MyGoCenter offers them a place where they can work productively, and hold business meetings in a professional, private setting, instead of at a public, crowded coffee shop.’”

We are excited to follow this trend to see what opportunities and developments companies like this one will bring to our beautiful home.

Read more about MyGoCenter and this trend in Mr. Shimogawa’s full Pacific Business News article here. 

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