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Local Attorney Makes Compelling Argument for Rail to Ala Moana


Attorney Dennis Hwang offers a well reasoned argument as to why we need to build the rail to Ala Moana. Voices like his need to be heard and I’m happy to share this article with our readers. [Photo Info: The photo above is from the groundbreaking ceremony held in February 2011 and pictures Senator Daniel Akaka and the late Senator Daniel Inouye. Senator Inouye was a true champion of the project and his steady voice remains with us as we push forward. Photo courtesy of HART]

“Should Honolulu build a $7 billion dollar rail system that stops at Middle Street, has perhaps half the ridership originally planned for and is a drain to operate?

Lost riders include those from Leeward or Central Oahu who could get to downtown, Chinatown,or Ala Moana quicker by car or by bus rather than rail and then another bus at Middle Street. Airport tourists would hesitate to ride the rail to Middle Street, but might if it went to Ala Moana. Lost would be thousands of tourists and townies at Ala Moana who could travel west, visiting great gathering places along newly created rail stops.”

Read the entire article at Civil Beat

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