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ULI Fall Meeting 2015

On my way to the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Fall Meeting in San Francisco this year, I am reminded that the overriding take away from last year’s meeting was to view and design your cities and buildings for millennials. It was instilled upon us last year that these 20-somethings are going to take over the world one day soon and choose different lifestyles than we did. We must design and create for these upcoming generations because they will be around, buying and using land, longer than we will. They may have very different needs and wants from the older generations but those in land development and use must be able to adapt to and predict these changes.

It is an expanding, exciting time in the field of land use and development because of the changes in the demographics and I’m curious to see what the next few years will bring. We must always be thinking ahead, which is why the ULI Fall Meeting brings me such joy.  It is such an eye-opening experience to listen to and communicate with the leaders in our field every year. I’m interested to see what will dominate this years meetings because I always leave with at least five new ways to improve.

Stay tuned for more of my ULI thoughts and blog posts throughout the week!

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