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Rail and TOD News Update

Rail Construction Update

The Rail Operations Center aka ROC is  80% complete. This complex is comprised of several buildings including the Operation Services Building (OSB), Maintenance of Way (MOW), Wheel Truing Building (WTB) and Train Wash Facility (TWF). A close look at the photo shows the tracks in place for moving the cars in and out of the ROC.

With the expected arrival of the first rail cars early next year, it is good news that this facility will be ready to receive the cars.

Other progress was noted during September’s HART Board meeting. A quick rundown shows the following percentage of completion along the route:

  • West Oahu Farrington Guideway 71.7%
  • Kamehameha Guideway Physical Construction 39.6%
  • Airport Utilities Physical Construction 16.8%
  • Airport Seven Piers 100% (an interesting side note to this item is some forward thinking on the part of HART and the contractor to coordinate this construction with the State Department of Transportation’s work on the new long-term parking facility.)

Notice to Proceed (NTP) has been issued and ground breaking ceremonies will be scheduled in the near future for the stations and the H2R2 ramp:

  • West Oahu Stations – East Kapolei, Hoopili, UH West Oahu
  • Farrington Highway Stations – West Loch, Waipahu Transit Center, LCC
  • H2R2 Ramp – the contract has been awarded to Royal Construction for this important element which will allow traffic from the H-2 to the Pearl Highlands Station Park and Ride

Planning Commission Approves Waipahu TOD Zone Changes

The Planning Commission approved the proposed TOD zoning changes for Waipahu. The plan now goes to the City Council for review and approval which will hopefully be sometime early next year.  I attended the hearing and it went smoothly with only three members of the public testifying (none opposed though some questions). The Commission members asked DPP about various aspects of the plan pertaining to flood zones, taxation and non-conforming uses.

While the media covered the news that the meeting was being held, as far as I can find, none of them reported on the positive outcome. This is a big step forward to realizing TOD projects in the Waipahu area.

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Project Lead for the Colliers Hawaii Transit-Oriented Development Group. The Honolulu Rail Transit project is underway and the time is now to work together to ensure that we have thriving communities that promote health, opportunity and sustainability for everyone. Now is the time to communicate and connect our visions for the future while working to make them happen.

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